Blackfriars, Hereford – Preaching Cross,
Priory and Rose Gardens
Blackfriars is a hidden gem, a tranquil space ten minutes’ walk from bustling High Town and even closer to Old Market shopping. Once through the gates on Widemarsh Street, you enter the peaceful world of tranquil rose gardens within a listed monument.

These were the grounds of Blackfriars Priory (whose church was consecrated in the presence of Edward III and the Black Prince), which now lies in ruins. The 14th century preaching cross is a scheduled monument. The rose gardens, dating from 1964, are being revived in a five-year programme of replanting and tending by the Friends of Blackfriars Rose Gardens

Alongside the site is the Coningsby Hospital & Museum, established by Sir Thomas Coningsby in 1613 as almshouses built for 12 old soldiers, sailors, & servants.The Coningsby Museum is reached by a separate entrance off Widemarsh Street.
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Blackfriars is open free all year round from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is fully accessible. From High Town in Hereford, walk along Widemarsh Street, cross the ring road and continue along Widemarsh Street. The entrance to Blackfriars is on your right hand side a little way past Coningsby Street and just past the school. Parking is available in the Garrick multistorey car park on Widemarsh Street, the Old Market multistorey car park off Blackfriars Street, or Merton Meadows car park off Blackfriars Street.
Our new gates are now open
There is more information about the gates and the opening ceremony on our history pages here.
Photograph Derek Foxton
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